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New LED Microlights

Today was an exciting day for Lite Bright Raves, as well as our future rave glovers. We had a meeting with THE supplier of video game accessories, from atari to PS3. They make controllers, skins, mario / nintendo action figures, … Continue reading

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What to expect at a rave

So you’re thinking about going to a rave, but don’t know what to expect. Well, here’s a bit of information that may save your life. First off, understanding the type of culture at a rave scene is very important. You … Continue reading

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Custom Rave Gloves

So we’ve attended a few raves, seen many Light Show Gloves, and there seems to be a mass of noob glovers out there that complain their cheap gloves break in one day. Most people buy the premades with wires, and … Continue reading

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