Custom Microlights

Alright, it’s been awhile since we’ve given shed any light on the new custom microlights that we promised so long ago… so here’s a little update.

For starters, manufacturing your own custom microlight is quite a process, and not something that just happens in a snap. ¬†First, we had to meet with the manufactures, and from there they took a bunch of our products overseas to the factory with them. After that, they have to search for similar products, or see if we have to create our own custom mold. Then, we have to either find or create the software to go on the chips, and if it’s a completely custom model, we have to import a MASSIVE crate of these things… there are other options, but that’s how we’re supposed to get the best pricing on these things (therefore give you the best pricing)…

We’re still in the stage where we determine if everything has to be completely custom. The communication with the manufacture has kind of dwindled, so we’re going to call them up tomorrow and see what’s going on with our lights. On a lighter note… :) … we are adding more and more products to the site, regardless of the microlight standings.

We just added the Flashing Pins section, and are adding more categories as we go. We’ve also added a few color combos to the LED Gloves / Light Show Gloves section. We’re not at a complete loss! Stay tuned and check back often for updates!

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