Custom Rave Gloves

So we’ve attended a few raves, seen many Light Show Gloves, and there seems to be a mass of noob glovers out there that complain their cheap gloves break in one day. Most people buy the premades with wires, and usually they break after a few intense light shows… this isn’t because they’re crappy gloves, it’s because they only spent 15 bucks on what they think is supposed to be a professional glove set, which you can find some retailers selling for over $200, which is a fair price for the product they offer. You wouldn’t spend $15 on a golf club and expect it to be top notch, would you?

Generally, the cheaper sets are meant for people ‘trying them out’ or ‘learning to glove’ – not for the seasoned professional who just ran out of money. If you spend $15 on a glove set and expect it to last for months of gloving… you’re not going to be very satisfied. The old saying “You get what you pay for” definitely applies here.

We shopped around ourselves and found the best custom (and most customizable) glove set we could, and now we’re selling them. They run about $55, are really easy to use, and you can specify exactly what color you want in every finger-Build your own glove set, no wires, choose every finger.


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