New LED Microlights

Today was an exciting day for Lite Bright Raves, as well as our future rave glovers. We had a meeting with THE supplier of video game accessories, from atari to PS3. They make controllers, skins, mario / nintendo action figures, and basically any accessory for a console. They also import consoles and games, but that isn’t their focus. Anyways, the company is ran by two brothers who both have their minds in the right places. We took a tour of their facility, and they have a MASSIVE warehouse, with about 35 employees. If you are in to video games I recommend stuffing your mouth full of cotton before visiting this facility, as to prevent drooling all over the place.

One of the brothers is back and fourth from Hong Kong, and even though he was booked up he was able to make time for our company to meet with him. He’s returning to Hong Kong on Monday (today is Friday), and he has ties with the largest LED manufacture in Taiwan. This is where it gets exciting!

We presented him with our current inventory of rave gloves, custom rave gloves, light show gloves, and our LED shutter shades. After we reminisced about our pasts and enjoying the rave scene and then a session of playing with the light up gloves, we talked business. Apparently, there is a new LED technology that presents brighter whiter and more vivid lights, that was literally just released a couple weeks ago…

Lite Bright Raves is going to have it’s own custom microlight! It will be brighter, lighter,Brightest LED Ever have better color, last longer, and be more durable than any custom microlight on the market today due to the new LED technology, which means even more awesome LED gloves. Think of it like having the power of the sun, fueled by nuclear fusion reactors at your finger tips. It may take awhile before we make it available (since we have to test the light and make sure it’s all we think it’s going to be – we don’t want to sell something that our customers wouldn’t be happy with, or if it melts your fingers). This is all looking into the future maybe by a couple months, but we are really excited about it!

We will have custom LED gloves, our own brand of pre-made light gloves, wired and non wired gloves, and more things we haven’t really thought of yet. Now if you’re wondering to yourself “Uhh.. don’t you already sell all of those things?” -Yes, we do. But when we get this product in, it will be more reliable than any other product currently available (from ANY retailer currently out there), brighter, and to just get to the point: Better light show gloves for less money!!!

There we go.. cheaper, brighter, stronger. There used to be an old saying “Cheap, Fast, Good. Pick any two.” Not so much any more: we will have cheaper gloves, fast shipping, and good quality.

We don’t plan on opening up a store front, for those of you wondering. We prefer the online sales, since we don’t have to worry about being robbed, overhead, insurances… it’s just a big headache. Plus, we can take orders from our living rooms instead of putting in a 9-5 and battling traffic. As you can see, online stores are much easier to run! Plus, the customer service you receive is from real caring people, rather than disgruntled employees.

Look forward to our new microlights, they’re going to be friggin awesome. We’ll keep you updated through our blog, and an occasional newsletter on the status of them. Right now we expect to have them around the middle of May, since we have to create the mold, designs, quality assurance, pricing and many other variables. Honestly, I just pulled that mid-May date out of my .. thin air.., but that’s how long I think it’ll take. I’ll post an update in the comment section if I hear any different.

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4 Responses to New LED Microlights

  1. Chris Wright says:

    You guys are awesome. I have been buying gloves and lights from you for the past year and can’t wait to rave with these new lights.

  2. Taha says:

    i love your products hands down best and i cant wait to get my hands on a pair of these new gloves :)

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