Ravers Rejoice!

Lite Bright Raves has decided to launch a blog. Keep checking back for the latest in rave news, shiny light up rave supplies, rave gloves, light show things and more. :)

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4 Responses to Ravers Rejoice!

  1. howard ffrench says:

    how can I save a few dollars on gloves

    • Raveboss says:

      If you want to save just a few dollars.. you can select a cheaper shipping rate.. it really depends on which model you’re talking about. Our rates are as cheap as we can make them on our website. :)

  2. Domenica Velasco says:

    How do I do a return or replace? one of my gloves came defective :(

    • Raveboss says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about the defective glove… we to try to test every pair before sending them out, but once in awhile one bad one may slip through, or perhaps they get beat up while shipping. Although this response is somewhat delayed, please contact us through our website using our contact form at http://litebrightraves.com/index.php?main_page=contact_us or call (661) 927-7283 to resolve the issue if it hasn’t already been handled.

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