LED Scepter Crystal Ball Light Toy


LED Scepter Crystal Ball Light Toy illuminates the party in more ways than one! This Light Wand is out of control with color changing LEDs shining light out of 2 prism-shelled crystal balls. Twirl it in the air like a baton & watch the colors fly! Or point the Light Wand at an object to watch a cool display of moving kaleidoscope shapes. LED Scepter Crystal Ball Light Toy is eye-catching fabulous fun. Each Scepter has 3 light option of fast flash, slower blink or a rotation between each blue, jade or red LED colors and comes with 3 replaceable AAA batteries.

Note: The Crystal Balls on the sides of the wand are two different sizes.

Large Diameter: 2.5 in.
Small Diameter: 2.0 in.

  • Model: Crystal Scepter
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